“We at River Region Cardiology have had a wonderful relationship with Bacheler Technologies.  We have been with their company since May of 2009.  All technical challenges have been handled by their staff in a very responsive and professional manner. The service technicians are always very willing to educate us on IT issues for future reference. 


Recently, we have relocated to a larger office building.  Bachelor Technologies was there every step of the way even on a holiday weekend.  They worked very diligently over four days, very long hours, to get us up and running for the following work day.  We had great communication with there technicians prior to, during, and subsequent to the move.  We also integrated a new phone system during that time to a VOIP (voice over IP) which Bachelor Technologies setup as well as trained our staff in operating.  Everything has gone very smoothly thanks to their help.  I highly recommend Bachelor Technologies for any company, small or large.”  


Misty R. Love, Administrator

River Region Cardiology