William J. Canary

Business Council of Alabama

The rapid advancements and evolution in technology present many challenges and opportunities within today’s business environment.  

Here at Bacheler Technologies, we emphasize the importance of having a planned backup strategy to prevent the loss of vital information in the event of fire, flood, hardware failure, theft, or even simple user error. It is always better to be safe than sorry and we can help make sure that you are never sorry.

                Bacheler Technologies offers three different ways to back-up your information. We offer a tape system in which the information is backed up through a media tape drive with the tape being changed daily and then put in a weekly rotation. The tape can then be stored either in a fire proof storage or can be taken off-site at the end of each day. Another form of backup we can offer is to back up all the information to an external device that is non-dependent of the local system. Finally, we can back up your information online where it can be stored offsite and away from any type of local disaster.

Your information is important to you and we will make it just as important to us. We will perform daily checks of your back-up strategy to make sure that each back-up is running smoothly. We do all this so that you can be rest assured your data is safe and secure.


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