William J. Canary

Business Council of Alabama

The rapid advancements and evolution in technology present many challenges and opportunities within today’s business environment.  

In today’s fast evolving atmosphere, budgeting and forecasting IT needs present a difficult challenge regardless of size or industry. Budgeting is often seen as taxing and too time consuming; however, budgeting is a crucial element of financial management and is a huge contributor to a company’s overall success or failure.  Companies that are able to address budgeting obstacles and improve their process will not only be rewarded with more accurate budgets, more timely re-forecasts, and improved decision-making, but will also foster a disciplined financial management culture that will deliver a true competitive advantage. 


Allow our team to design a budget to:

·         Forecast for hardware, software, and licensing needs

·         Absorb the cost of system replacement and upgrading over a extended time period

·         Improved documentation of equipment and licenses for possible audits

·         Help leverage newer technologies to achieve short term and long term goals of the company


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