William J. Canary

Business Council of Alabama

The rapid advancements and evolution in technology present many challenges and opportunities within today’s business environment.  

What is Network Management?
       Network Management is the managing of computer networks through four areas of operation, administration, maintenance, and provisioning. 
1.     Operation:             This area involves the day to day operations of the corporate network, which  includes continuous network up time and monitoring the network for possible problems.
2.     Administration:    This area deals with the day to day administration of the corporate network, which includes the tracking of company resources through file audits and security permissions.
3.     Maintenance:      This area involves the repair and upgrade of equipment throughout the corporate network. Proper maintenance is essential in the fight against lost data or system downtime.
4.     Provisioning:       This area is used for the future needs of the network. Through this area we can plan for future growth and needs of each client.

     Network management is the flagship service of Bacheler Technologies.  We take complete ownership of the network for all support clients and remove the need for an in house IT employee. Using the four areas of network management, we are able to give support clients the peace of mind that their network will work every day to the maximum potential with the least amount of downtime.

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