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Recent tornadoes have Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery on our minds

Updated: May 14, 2020

It is April in the south. If you do not like the weather, wait a day. It will change.

The last two Sundays have brought multiple rounds of severe weather to Alabama. Each time these storms are forecast, we proactively plan for power outages, ISP's going down and how we can move to protect our clients and get their systems back up once power is restored. You cannot control the weather, but you can have a BCDR plan in place which protects your data should disaster occur. Our air gapped solutions provide the ability to point your network to the cloud and have you up and running in minutes, not days or weeks.

If your data was lost, what would it cost your business to start over. Most businesses would not recover and simply shut down. It doesn't have to be this way! Our solution provides onsite backups as well as an infinite cloud backup. Regardless of the nature of the disaster, fire, flood, tornado etc, we can be on site and do a bare metal restore and have you ready to go. Contact us today and ask about our BCDR solutions.

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